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Hisarlık Hotel & Cafe & Restaurant at Troy
Hisarlık Hotel & Cafe & Restaurant at Troy


Would you like to drink something?

Turkish tea in the traditional tulip-shaped glass? Or maybe an apple tea?
You wouldn't object to a cup of Turkish coffee.
How about a glass of local wine?
Raki, the so-called 'Lions Milk', will make you feel like a lion!
Our boys are ready to serve you in the cafe on the ground floor.

Would you like something to to eat?

You can try our local Trojan home-cooking specialities in the same place. Meatballs cooked with vegetables, or a portion of Turkish moussaka, or maybe "Chicken Güvec" (stew). Our Troy Kebap is also definitely worth trying.
If you are a vegetarian, we recommend "Imam Bayildi" ('the imam fainted') or "turlu" (mixed vegetables) or "Menemen" (vegetable omelet).
Our restaurant capacity is much larger than the hotel because we serve lunch for large tour groups.